Tips to Care for Your Mini Cooper

Mini Maintenance Basics As the proud owner of a Mini Cooper vehicle, you want to take care of your car in the best way possible. However, the unique design of Minis makes it hard for even the most careful of car owners to know all of the ins and outs of Mini repair and maintenance.

What’s Special About Porsche Service?

Everything You Need to Know Luxury cars like Porsches need strict care. You don’t purchase a high-performance vehicle if you don’t intend to enjoy and protect its peak performance! German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, can help you avoid Porsche repairs. We do it by following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule! Here’s what you need

When You Should Bring Your Land Rover in For Service

What You Need to Know If you are like most Land Rover owners, you love your SUV. They offer a combination of luxury and capability that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. However, Land Rovers all need to be properly taken care of to keep them running smoothly. Below is a

Origin & Safety Facts About Volvo

Did You Know? Volvos are popular for their simple, but luxurious interiors, engineering and performance, safety, and more. If you own a Volvo, you already knew that. Here are a few other things you might not have known about the Swedish automaker. The Name Volvo is actually short for Aktiebolaget Volvo, also referred to as

Easy Ways to Customize Your BMW

Stand Out From the Crowd Do you want to do more for your BMW to help it shine above the rest? German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta can help! Our team of passionate BMW repair specialists can do more than just maintain your vehicle’s performance and health. We can perform repairs with high-quality aftermarket parts

What is Mercedes-Benz A-Service?

Mercedes Maintenance Explained The Flexible Service System Mercedes-Benz owners know how luxury and advanced technology come together to create an unparalleled driving experience. Taking care of a Mercedes is easy with onboard computer systems that monitor the vehicle’s health and determine when service is needed. The Flexible Service System uses information about your unique driving

The Most Common Mini Cooper Repairs

7 Failures of Mini Vehicles Did you know that German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta also repairs and services Mini Cooper vehicles? Although the manufacturer falls outside of our German-based specialty, we gladly accept vehicles from England. In fact, we confidently service all import vehicles! But these iconic British-made vehicles have their own unique set

What Tools Should I Have in My Car?

Picture this. You’ve just left a camping site and there’s an hour left on your trip home. It’s been a relatively rough drive through the wilderness, and then you hear a loud pop come from behind you. Yep, you just got a flat tire. You panic for a little bit and wonder what you’re going

How to Keep Your Car Healthy in Calgary

One of the biggest challenges we face in Calgary is the harsh winters. Extreme cold and heavy snow make the daily grind of life that much more difficult to deal with. Despite that, we’re still able to safely navigate the blustery conditions and go about our daily lives. Whether that be dropping our kids off

Audi Maintenance Tips

The Audi brand prides itself in making high quality, high performing cars. Each car is created with expert level craftsmanship, materials, and tools. With that said, Audi owners should realize how important it is to follow a proper maintenance schedule. For 2018, Audi provides two services: Minor Maintenance and Standard Maintenance. Owners will be expected