Who is Lotus?

An In-Depth Look Into The Manufacturer If you haven’t heard about or seen a Lotus vehicle, do yourself a favor and search on Youtube “Lotus cars.” Within that search query, you’ll see some of the best videos on Lotus vehicles, how they look, and what they do. But the strange thing is that, outside of

Why You Should Invest in a German Import

Great Performance, Quality Investment Mercedes-Benz. BMW. Audi. Porsche. What exactly do these four luxury vehicle manufacturers have in common? Well, besides creating some of the finest vehicles in the market today, they are also all German manufacturers. In fact, some of the most recognizable vehicles in the world were created by German manufacturers, and these

Does Your Car Need Detailing?

How It Can Help Although it’s easy to think that you can detail your vehicle yourself, you might want to think twice about it. But first, what is detailing? In short, detailing is the process of deep cleaning your vehicle’s interior and exterior. Every “nook and cranny” within your vehicle will be properly cleaned, with

Are Land Rovers Reliable?

The Rise and Fall Once known as the “farmer’s vehicle,” the Land Rover’s evolution has been long and unique. For a while, these vehicles were viewed as some of the sturdiest and most durable vehicles on the market. In fact, some people compared these vehicles to tanks, as they were easily able to handle rough

Why Should You Get a Mini?

A Great, Fun Investment Owning a Mini Cooper is one of the greatest joys in life, and for good reason. Along with its fun and unique exterior, the vehicle also offers you great control and performance. In fact, Mini Coopers are known throughout the world for its driveability and general availability. There are few places

Tips to Care for Your Mini Cooper

Mini Maintenance Basics As the proud owner of a Mini Cooper vehicle, you want to take care of your car in the best way possible. However, the unique design of Minis makes it hard for even the most careful of car owners to know all of the ins and outs of Mini repair and maintenance.

What’s Special About Porsche Service?

Everything You Need to Know Luxury cars like Porsches need strict care. You don’t purchase a high-performance vehicle if you don’t intend to enjoy and protect its peak performance! German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, can help you avoid Porsche repairs. We do it by following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule! Here’s what you need

When You Should Bring Your Land Rover in For Service

What You Need to Know If you are like most Land Rover owners, you love your SUV. They offer a combination of luxury and capability that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. However, Land Rovers all need to be properly taken care of to keep them running smoothly. Below is a

Origin & Safety Facts About Volvo

Did You Know? Volvos are popular for their simple, but luxurious interiors, engineering and performance, safety, and more. If you own a Volvo, you already knew that. Here are a few other things you might not have known about the Swedish automaker. The Name Volvo is actually short for Aktiebolaget Volvo, also referred to as

Easy Ways to Customize Your BMW

Stand Out From the Crowd Do you want to do more for your BMW to help it shine above the rest? German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta can help! Our team of passionate BMW repair specialists can do more than just maintain your vehicle’s performance and health. We can perform repairs with high-quality aftermarket parts