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BMW Repair in Calgary, AB

Keeping Your BMW in Top Shape

Repair and Maintenance Services

Owning a BMW is a pleasurable experience, but it also comes with challenges. Like any other vehicle, your BMW needs regular maintenance and repair to stay in top shape. For BMW repair and maintenance in Calgary, AB, a German Car Specialist has been providing excellent service for over 30 years. We are a locally owned and operated business with seasoned ASE-certified technicians to service your car. We use Liqui Moly fluids and top-grade parts for your BMW’s service and repairs and offer a 24-month / 20,000 km warranty. From the right tools to the best service schedule, we’ll guide you to ensure that your BMW performs optimally for years to come. You can find our shop at 204 40th Ave, NE Calgary, T2E 2M7, and we can be reached at 403-571-3650.

We Have All the Right Tools

Regarding BMW repair, several tools can help troubleshoot and fix problems. One of the most crucial ones is the ISTA factory scan tool. This tool performs factory diagnostics, coding, and software updates and is vital for detecting issues with BMW’s onboard systems. The OBDeleven tool is a popular choice for further customization of comfort features. With this tool, you can enable or disable comfort features, giving you control over your BMW’s performance and functionality. The BMW engine’s intake valves can gather deposits impacting engine performance and fuel economy.

Complete maintenance and mechanical service are vital to keeping your BMW running like new. These services will keep your BMW in optimal condition, from regular engine oil and filter changes to engine rebuilds and replacements. Walnut blasting can remove this buildup and help increase engine performance. BMW’s extended service intervals are designed to reduce maintenance costs, but they don’t always have the driver in mind. Under-servicing of vehicles will only add to repair costs in the long term. Therefore, drivers must consult certified technicians to determine when to service their BMWs. We can provide the best service schedule based on your driving habits. We also offer Inspection I and II, comprehensive maintenance check-ups for BMW cars that helps ensure your vehicle’s best performance and reliability over time. This service includes inspecting all components and systems and preventive maintenance measures such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake pad replacements, and more. 

Some BMW owners may look to performance tuning to extract more power. Malone Tuning can tune the engine’s ECU for optimized performance, depending on the model. Also, emission system deletes such as catalytic converter and DPF deletes can increase engine performance. A suitable maintenance schedule is vital to keep your BMW in top shape. German Car Specialist can assist with vehicle maintenance reminders and offer specific reminders such as an oil change reminder, scheduled maintenance reminder, and Technician Recommended Service Reminder.

Bring Us Your Driving Machine

Your BMW is no ordinary car. It’s a driving machine that deserves the best service and maintenance. From using the right tools to offering the best repair and maintenance services, we have everything you need to keep your BMW operating like new. Whether consulting with knowledgeable Service Advisors at German Car Specialist, working with seasoned ASE-certified technicians or keeping up with regular maintenance schedules, your BMW is in good hands with us. In addition to BMW repair and maintenance, German Car Specialist also offer general auto repair, transmission repair, tire sales, diesel repair, and classic European mechanical rebuilding services. We provide several amenities such as free shuttle services, status updates via email or text, free car wash, Wi-Fi, and after-hours drop-off and pick-up services. With our advice, you can ensure that your BMW never disappoints you on the road.