Are Land Rovers Reliable?

Are Land Rovers Reliable?

The Rise and Fall

Once known as the “farmer’s vehicle,” the Land Rover’s evolution has been long and unique. For a while, these vehicles were viewed as some of the sturdiest and most durable vehicles on the market. In fact, some people compared these vehicles to tanks, as they were easily able to handle rough terrains and challenging environments (like mud) that other vehicles would have struggled in. Unfortunately, Land Rovers started to see a downtick in reliability over time. And nowadays? It is arguably the most unreliable vehicle in the market today.

So why did this happen? Why is it that the most reliable vehicle on the market in years past is now the most unreliable vehicle in present time? A lot of it has to do with the changing times and the evolution of customer expectations. Land Rover vehicles are much more complex than their earlier versions, and as a result, they are prone to more problems. Alongside that, the shift from heavy-duty cars to luxury vehicles has added even more into these vehicles to provide more comforts, which leaves it even more prone to issues. It’s why true old-school Land Rover enthusiasts swear on the older versions — they aren’t outfitted with new, complex tech that can compromise its performance.

How Can You Protect It?

So, with this knowledge, what can you do to protect your Land Rover vehicle? Well, the best thing you can do is to bring it in for routine repair and maintenance. But it can’t just be any service. It needs to come from specialists who understand the vehicle’s design and have access to the particular equipment the vehicle needs. Anything other than that will only hurt your Land Rover.

If you need specialized Land Rover repair or maintenance, let the team at German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta help you. Our techs have extensive experience servicing this vehicle and access to the specific tools and parts it needs. We’ll make sure your Land Rover is provided with long-term solutions, instead of short, inadequate “fixes.”

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