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Registering a vehicle in Alberta

  • You must have proof of valid Alberta auto insurance.
  • You must have a Bill of Sale for your vehicle or your out-of-province registration.
  • The vehicle must be present in Alberta.

Out of Province Inspections

If the vehicle is from out of province, a request for an out-of-province inspection must be purchased from an Alberta Licensed Registry Office. There is a fee for this service.

Once you have purchased the request for an out-of-province inspection, you may then book an appointment with us to have this inspection completed.

Please call us at 403-571-3650 to obtain a fee estimate to cover your vehicle’s inspection plus any additional costs that may be required. (For example, day time running lights conversion.) Once successfully completed, the out-of-province vehicle inspection certificate will be provided to you by us.

In the event your vehicle does not pass the inspection, you must perform the necessary repairs within 14 days. We can provide you with an estimate for us to complete the repairs for you, perform the repairs and provide you with the completed out-of-province vehicle inspection certificate. In the event that you choose to have the repairs performed elsewhere, there will be additional fees for us to re-inspect your vehicle and provide you with the completed out-of-province vehicle inspection certificate.

Insurance Safety & AMVIC Inspections

We perform Insurance Safety Inspections and AMVIC (Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council) Inspections in addition to pre-purchase vehicle inspections and complete maintenance inspections. Contact us for more details!


The certificate is only valid for 14 days from the date shown under “date of completion.” Your vehicle must be registered in Alberta before this expiry date.

You must then take the out-of-province inspection certificate, along with insurance, and proof of ownership to a registry agent to obtain a Alberta licence plate and registration.

When you bring a vehicle into Alberta from another province and you are displaying a license plate from another province, you must obtain Alberta registration within three months of the vehicle arriving in Alberta.