The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Air-Oil Separator

The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Air-Oil Separator

Why Your Vehicle’s Air-Oil Separator Matters

When you purchase a Porsche vehicle, you know that you are receiving one of the best engines in the auto industry. However, even if you follow the recommended maintenance schedule, issues may occur as your Porsche ages.

One of these issues is the breakdown of the air-oil separator. Below, you will find more information about what the air-oil separator is, what signs to look for that indicate failure, and how to address the issue in the event it happens to your luxury vehicle.

Continue reading below to learn more, and contact us at German Car Specialist today to learn more about how our team of Porsche repair experts can help your Porsche vehicle if it is showing any signs of needing repairs.

What is The Air-Oil Separator?

Regardless of the make or model of your Porsche vehicle, it will be equipped with a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system. The PCV system is designed to collect any leftover gases and vapors from within the crankcase, direct them back to the combustion chamber to be burned and cleaned before it is safely let out into the atmosphere. This process allows your Porsche car to drive more efficiently and reduces its overall emissions.

Why Repairing The Air-Oil Separator is Important

Your Porsche vehicle relies on every part and process to work correctly. Because the air-oil separator is such an essential aspect of oil and air circulation in your engine, it can damage many other components within the vehicle if it's not working correctly.

The combustion and exhaust processes in your Porsche are critical for overall performance, especially in a turbocharged engine, and a defective air-oil separator will significantly impact the operations of those systems. While this might be upsetting and discouraging for Porsche owners, this type of Porsche repair should not be too costly if caught early.

Common Signs of Air-Oil Separator Failure

If you notice any of the following signs in your Porsche vehicle, it may be time to schedule a Porsche repair at your earliest convenience.

  • Significant amounts of smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Exhaust smoke is dark-colored
  • Decreased engine efficiency
  • The check engine light comes on

Professional Porsche Repair in Calgary, AB

While owning a luxury Porsche vehicle is an extravagant thing in life, it will require routine Porsche repair and maintenance to maintain that experience. If you suspect any issues with your luxury Porsche vehicle, don't hesitate to contact German Car Specialist in Calgary, AB, as soon as possible.

Our team of skilled Porsche repair specialists has the knowledge and engineering skills needed to have your Porsche running like new. To schedule your next service or repair appointment, give us a call or stop by our shop to speak with one of our certified German repair technicians today.

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