Why Should You Get a Mini?

Why Should You Get a Mini?

A Great, Fun Investment

Owning a Mini Cooper is one of the greatest joys in life, and for good reason. Along with its fun and unique exterior, the vehicle also offers you great control and performance. In fact, Mini Coopers are known throughout the world for its driveability and general availability. There are few places where you can’t get a Mini Cooper, and it’s why it’s one of the most driven vehicle models in the world. But, I’m only scratching the surface as to why this vehicle is just so great to own and drive. Along with the aforementioned benefits, there are other aspects of the vehicle you need to consider.

Affordable: the base model Mini Cooper is actually a very affordable car. With that said, there are add ons you can get to personalize the car (more on that later) that are nice to have, but not necessary to enjoy the vehicle.

Good Gas Mileage: yep! Along with being fun to drive, it also helps save you some money at the tank. Granted, it does need premium fuel (anything else will hurt the vehicle in the long run), but the lack of visits helps offset the cost.

Customizable: remember those add ons I mentioned? Well, a great thing about the Mini Cooper is that you have a variety of add ons and customizations options to choose from that’ll make your car uniquely yours. From changing the interior textures to the rim color, you can change almost anything within your Mini Cooper.

What’s The Catch?

But, even with all these great benefits, there are some downsides to this popular vehicle that you should be aware of.

Costly service: although this car won’t need many services, when it does, it will cost you a pretty penny. Part of this does come with the territory, as you’re investing in an imported vehicle. With that said, the costs for getting the right parts and expertise will bump the costs.

Premium Fuel: although the gas mileage on this car is great, you do still need to use premium fuel to fill it up. If you’re someone who drives a lot, this could end up costing a lot more than you’d like. And as we mentioned, we advise not using cheaper fuel types as that will only hurt your vehicle.

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