When You Should Bring Your Land Rover in For Service

When You Should Bring Your Land Rover in For Service

What You Need to Know

If you are like most Land Rover owners, you love your SUV. They offer a combination of luxury and capability that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. However, Land Rovers all need to be properly taken care of to keep them running smoothly. Below is a little information from the experts at German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta on servicing your Land Rover and when you need to bring it in.

What Is Involved in Servicing?

When you bring your Land Rover in for servicing, you can always expect to need an oil change and new oil filter. The other specifics of the servicing will depend on the year and model of your vehicle as well as which service interval you are on (what the mileage is of the vehicle). These are some of the service items you may expect:

  • Replace pollen filter

  • Replace brake fluid

  • Replace air cleaner element

  • Replace spark plugs

If you have a diesel Land Rover, you may also need your diesel element fluid topped off. These maintenance tasks will help to keep your Land Rover running smoothly and help prevent the need for any major repairs.

When Do You Need Servicing?

Check your owner’s manual for your model and year’s specific maintenance schedule as it may be different from the information below. When in doubt about maintenance, always check your manual.

Land Rover recommends servicing their vehicles every 15,000 miles. This includes a comprehensive inspection as well as replacing various consumable items. Every 30,000 miles and every 60,000 miles there are slightly more comprehensive servicing.

If you use your Land Rover for off-roading, towing or in harsh conditions, you may need more regular servicing. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should have information on this. You can always contact Carmine’s Import Service for help.

Get Your Land Rover Serviced

At German Car Specialist, we specialized in imported vehicles from Europe including Land Rover. Contact us to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle at our Calgary location. We look forward to seeing you!

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