Easy Ways to Customize Your BMW

Easy Ways to Customize Your BMW

Stand Out From the Crowd

Do you want to do more for your BMW to help it shine above the rest? German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta can help! Our team of passionate BMW repair specialists can do more than just maintain your vehicle’s performance and health. We can perform repairs with high-quality aftermarket parts to boost your Bimmer’s appearance and performance! Here are just a few ideas our technicians suggest to customize your BMW and make it unlike any other found on the road!

Do More Than Maintain

Software & Tuning

BMWs commonly feature twin turbo engines, which allow for tuning to further improve vehicle performance beyond manufacturer settings. Aftermarket tuners modify electronics and software without swapping parts to boost value, speed, power, and more! Learn more from our specialists.

Lighting Upgrades

You can spot a BMW almost instantly on the road -- day or night. Perhaps one of the features that makes these vehicles so recognizable is BMW’s signature Halo Ring lights (also known as Corona Rings or Angel Eyes) -- the circular arrangement of lights in the headlight assembly. Today’s LED technology offers brighter, cleaner looking lighting and customizable color options. Opt for a look that suits your preferences and makes your vehicle stand out at night!

Customized Roundels

Instantly mark your BMW as yours with customized emblem overlays with hundreds of color options. If the signature blue and white isn’t your vibe, create a combination that better matches your BMW’s aesthetic. Choose from carbon fiber, matte, paint-matched, metal, and more!

Raised Tire Lettering

Transform a simple black tire wall with raised white lettering. Real rubber creates an authentic and high-end look far superior to paint pens and adheres in seconds!

Carbon Fiber Fittings

If there’s one thing that instantly elevates the look of a vehicle, it’s carbon fiber. Boasting lightweight and durable design, it immediately adds to a BMW’s appearance and value. Consider carbon fiber engine covers, oil cap covers, electronics box covers, and more as focal points under the hood.

When it comes to BMW modifications, even the simplest solutions can make a huge difference in appearance and performance. Consider some of these easy-to-install options for instant customization! German Car Specialist in Calgary, Alberta can help you design the BMW of your dreams! We are excited to get started!

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