What Tools Should I Have in My Car?

What Tools Should I Have in My Car?

Picture this.

You've just left a camping site and there's an hour left on your trip home. It's been a relatively rough drive through the wilderness, and then you hear a loud pop come from behind you.

Yep, you just got a flat tire. You panic for a little bit and wonder what you're going to do next...until you realize that you have a full set of tools in the trunk of your car. You quickly fix the tire, drive back home, and you're back to work the next day.

Thought that story was going to head in a different direction, didn't you?

As we learned from that story, it helps to have a full set of tools readily available. You never know what situations you'll find yourself in and having tools prepared can save you time and money. Unsure of what to bring? Check out The German Car Specialists best tools to have in your car, at all times.

  • Tire Iron
  • Yep, you probably thought of this one too. Though many cars do come with a kit that'll loosen the tire bolts, a lot of them are small or strangely designed which can make switching out tires a tedious task. Instead, opt for a regular sized tire iron and save yourself some time and comfort

  • Flashlight
  • Super useful for when, I don't know, you get a flat tire in the woods? Flashlights can help provide additional vision when you're dealing with car issues in the dark. Sure, you could use your phone but we recommend getting a full-sized flashlight that's a lot more durable if you end up dropping it.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Just in case! You never know what can happen during an emergency car repair and it pays to be prepared. Some recommended items include bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol pads, and scissors.

  • Snowbrush
  • Another useful tool, especially in wintery weather. This tool will help with scraping off snow and ice from your windshields.

  • Flares
  • We're following the truckers advice on this one. Having these available will help warn cars when you've broken down in the dark. These can also be used as a source of light if you need to walk through the dark and don't have a flashlight available.

Though there are more options available, this is what we recommend in all vehicles. What do you like to have in the car in case of emergencies? Leave your ideas down below! You never know who you'll end up helping!

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