Audi Maintenance Tips

Audi Maintenance Tips

The Audi brand prides itself in making high quality, high performing cars. Each car is created with expert level craftsmanship, materials, and tools. With that said, Audi owners should realize how important it is to follow a proper maintenance schedule. For 2018, Audi provides two services: Minor Maintenance and Standard Maintenance. Owners will be expected to come into their local repair shop or dealership for a check-up, where Audi experts determine what exactly needs to be repaired and replaced in your vehicle. This all leads to you, the owner, having a pleasant driving experience. Regardless if your car is at 20,000 miles or 120,000 miles.

Despite that, there are some things Audi owners can do to improve the lifespan of their vehicle (we'll have an "ideal" lifespan at 10 years or 200,000 miles). If you're ready to take your personal car maintenance to the next level, check out our suggestions for proper car maintenance when you're in-between check-ups!

Signal Inspection

It's important for owners to "take a lap" around their car and see if all of their car lights and signals are working. With a friend, have them go through each of the cars basic functions: turn signals, hazard lights, brake and headlights, brights, and any other additional lighting signals that you may have. This simple but important task helps you determine which signal needs work or if you need to replace a bulb. The last thing you want is a nasty ticket from the police! Those can get...pricey.

Learn About Your Oil

Audi owners (and honestly, car owners in general) should become familiar with their cars oil levels and know when the oil is fine, when it needs a top off, and when it needs a change. Using the dip stick found under the hood of your car, simply clean it off and then dip the stick as far as you can. Once you remove it, examine the tip of the dip stick and see what level it's at. If it's at level A, your car will not need an oil top off. If your oil level is at B or C, then make sure to top off your engine with the right kind of oil grade. For more information, you can visit here.

Clean Your Car!

Though this seems like an obvious idea, you'll be surprised by the condition many car owners leave their vehicles. Even if you have just a few wrappers on the floor, make sure to invest time in cleaning your car. Though you may not notice it, our brains are subconsciously telling us to treat our cars better or worse based on the interior condition of the car. Don't have time to do it? No worries, a lot of car washes offer services to clean the inside of your car. All it takes is a little effort and self-awareness!

Are you interested in more basic maintenance tips? Check out Audi's General Maintenance Site, which goes over a variety of topics to help you take better care of your car!

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