Mercedes Benz Maintenance Tips

Mercedes Benz Maintenance Tips

Following a consistent maintenance schedule and adhering to the manufacturer's recommendations is crucial for extending the life of your Mercedes Benz vehicle. They have two notable check-ups to stay aware of: Schedule A (10,000 miles) and Schedule B (20,000 miles). During each check-up, technicians examine, repair and replace important pieces of your vehicle. This ensures that your Mercedes Benz vehicle runs as smoothly as you'd expect a Mercedes Benz to run.

But what should you do in-between check-ups? What do successful owners (we'll define "successful" as owning a car for 10 years or 200,000 miles) do to really stretch out the life of their vehicle? The German Car Specialist team walks you through a few basic maintenance tips that'll leave your technician impressed the next time you visit them.

Check Your Tires

Maintaining tire health is one of the most important and easy things to do yourself. Our best tip? Be proactive. Make sure you take weekly inspections of your tires PSI (a lot of Mercedes Benz vehicles will show each tires PSI on the electronic display in front of the wheel!). Ideally, tires want to be in-between 30-35 PSI but make sure to read through the manufacturers guide for the vehicles specific preferences.

Also check for tire tread! A simple way to do this is by utilizing the quarter trick! What you'll do is insert a quarter (head first) into the outer, inner, and middle sections of your tire. If you see the head of our wonderful Founding Father, your tire's tread has been worn out and it's time to get new tires!

Put On Your "Sunscreen"

Although putting on actual sunscreen is important, what we're talking about is its automotive counterpart! Placing wax on the exterior of your car ensures that harmful UV rays won't fade automobile paint and make your car look old and worn out. And before you ask, yes, try to get the interior too. There are many wonderful wipes and sprays available that are safe for your dashboard and seat material.

Stay Vigilant

Make sure you take time to look under the hood (yes, you can go there! It's not only for your technician!). Check the oil and air filters, inspect the hoses and belts for nicks and cracks (if you're unsure how to do it, ask your Mercedes Benz professional for some tips), clean out any debris that may have fallen in there. Though you want to leave any major things to your technician, it's important for you to understand your vehicle and see if things are working in order!

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