Preparing Your Car for Spring in Calgary

Preparing Your Car for Spring in Calgary

Spring has sprung and it’s still cold...

In most places, spring is a time to celebrate the weather getting warmer. After all, winter is finally over! In Calgary however, we are still feeling... a little bit cold. Residents here know that we should still expect snowfall well into the springtime, and we can't really expect to be comfortable outside until the end of May, or even early in June! Here are some things you can do to make sure your car is ready for spring here in Calgary.

1. Test your battery

The cold temperatures in winter and spring have an impact on the functionality of several parts of your car. One of these parts is the battery. The battery has a lower capacity in the cold, and if yours isn't strong and healthy before temperatures drop, you could find yourself stranded with a car that won't start. You should have a mechanic examine and test your battery to make sure it's in peak condition to keep you safe and warm this spring.

2. Check your tires

There are a couple of components to check about your tires when prepping for spring. One is that you should frequently check your tire pressure to make sure they are filled up as much as they need to be. Driving with low tires is bad in general because it creates more friction with the road and makes driving unsafe. You should also check to make sure you still have good tread on your tires. Good tread makes it a lot easier (and safer) driving in icy or snowy conditions.

3. Wax your car

Giving your car a good wax will protect it from all the dirt and salt on the roads this time of the year. Many people don't realize the dangers of salt, considering it helps us drive safely. If salt is left on your car, over time it eats away at the metal and corrodes it into a rusty mess. A layer of wax will keep salt off your car, giving you plenty of time to make it to the car wash to remove it properly.

4. Pack an emergency kit

You never know what could happen and it's important to be prepared for whatever the road throws at you. In case of a breakdown in the cold, or getting stuck in ice or slush, an emergency kit could help out lot. Some items we recommend keeping inside are a flashlight, a warm blanket, high-energy snacks, a shovel, a bag of kitty litter (could help melt ice and create traction for you if you're stuck) and a first aid kit.

At German Car Specialist, we want you to stay as safe as possible this spring, and to make sure your car is ready for the weather here in Calgary. We hope these tips help!

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