Luxury vehicles deserve luxury care, and that’s what we promise here at German Car Specialist for your Lotus. If you are located in or around Calgary, Alberta and are the owner of a Lotus, we want you to trust us with your servicing and maintenance needs. We assure you will keep moving fast with our help. Many high-end and luxury vehicle owners end up thinking that in order to receive the most expertise for servicing and maintenance, they need to go back to the dealership. That is not the case! There have been many occasions where local dealers here have come to German Car Specialist for help after being stumped on a problem. Your car should be taken care of by the hands of trusted experts, and we’ll exceed your expectations.

Any service needs you might have for your Lotus, can be remedied here. These auto-care services are proven to expand the longevity of your vehicle’s life and optimize its performance. Here are a few of the services we can perform for your Lotus: transmission repair, new tires and alignment, exhaust, smog/emissions testing, hybrid repair, state inspections and much more. All of our technicians are well experienced in working with high-end cars, since we have been up and running since 1994; that’s 24 years fixing and specializing in vehicle repair and maintenance. We also understand that you are busy, and sometimes Lotus servicing can be a pain and it’s often procrastinated because it requires time out of your tight schedule. We have a solution to that problem as well! German Car Specialist provides access to after hour pick-up and drop-off times to provide more convenience for our cherished customers. If that doesn’t help enough, we also offer a car loaner program so that you don’t have to stay still for too long. You can drop off your Lotus and use one of our loaner cars to keep up with your schedule. Your Lotus care doesn’t have to be an inconvenience with us. We also offer a car cleaning and detailing service, so not only will she run like new, she will sparkle and shine too!

With such a beloved car, you should only trust experts to perform such crucial tasks to keep it safe and running for as long as it can. We will provide top-notch care with the most current, up-to-date technology and in the process, we will gain your trust. Being a family-owned business, we have a strong sense of devotion to our customers and their vehicles. We will treat your Lotus just as we would treat our own, and prioritize keeping you safe through doing so. Before you know it, you will be feeling just like a part of our family.