The American Man Who Saved the Porsche 911

The year 1980 was not a good one for Porsche. It was the first year in their existence that they didn’t turn a profit. The new, front-engined 924 and 928 models were not selling as well as Porsche thought they would and sales of the 911 had been dropping for more than a year. Because

What to Pack in an Emergency Kit

We never expect to be in a situation where we would need an emergency kit, but this list of items can help ensure you’re prepared for any emergency that comes your way. Emergency Kit Neccessities First Aid kit. You can purchase a prepackaged first aid kit or put together your own. If you’re making your

Preparing your Vehicle for Winter Weather

With the temperatures dropping and colder weather moving in, now is the time to begin prepping your vehicle for the winter weather ahead. From rain to snow to ice, these weather elements can cause hazardous conditions on the road that can wreak havoc amongst drivers in unprepared vehicles. We want to make sure that you

Leather Interior Care for Your Car

You work hard to keep your car running smoothly, so why not apply that same care to the interior? Your car’s interior is important in the overall maintenance of your vehicle, and regular care is quick and easy to do. Keep reading for some tips on keeping your leather seats in tip-top shape. Start by